Transportation Services from Higgs Home Health

When getting out and about becomes more difficult with age, Higgs Home health are here to help.

Our transportation team can help with all aspects of travelling beyond you home, from short trips for shopping to clubs and social events.

When your driving days are over, your mobility limits your options and public transport is a struggle, we can help. We offer transportation to and from:

  • Doctors and hospital appointments
  • Health appointments such as dentist or podiatrist
  • Shopping for groceries or a trip to the mall
  • Clubs, meetings and social events
  • Family events
  • Transfers to and from public transport including airports
  • Hairdressing, manicures and other treatments

We’ll drive you

When it’s time to hang up the car keys, we can be there instead with clean, comfortable cars and vehicles suitable for your mobility levels.

To book your transport, simply

Door to door escorted transportation

Sometimes, it’s better to travel with someone there to help you. Our companion care givers can take you to a medical appointment, for example, help you navigate the hospital and push a wheelchair if required, and be there to take you home afterwards. Winter and summer, they can help you step outside your front door more often and travel with confidence.

Transport booked by families

We know that as family members, you’ll often be the first to notice that aging parents should not be driving anymore. However, you also know they need to have the freedom to do what they need to do without you having to act as a chauffeur!

With Higgs Home Health, you can contact us and arrange transport for any occasions. So you don’t have to take time off to drive them, or worry about them travelling in a taxi that may not be suitable for their needs.

Senior and disabled-friendly transport is just a call away

Contact us to discuss your requirements and book in advance: