Nursing you back to health: home nursing services in Huron County

If you need to have major surgery, either for an illness or as an emergency, one of your big concerns may be, “How will I cope when I get back home again?”

Your stay in hospital will include expert nursing care around the clock, but it’s not necessarily the best place to recover. Many people prefer to return home to recuperate from surgery or rehabilitate after an injury or surgery.

If you have spent time in hospital due to illness, initially you may be physically weakened and less able to do things for yourself. When you are discharged, you need a period of time to rest, recover, and rebuild your strength without stress and worry.

Professional nursing at home

Our professional nursing home care is ideal for those who want to recover at home with the reassurance of professional care. Rather than trying to rest and restore your strength in a hospital ward with all the noise and potential disruption, you can relax at home with your own personal nurse. Our registered nursing team will know what your recovery plan is, what you require, and help with everything from washing and bathing to taking your medication. They can also provide what you’d like to eat, rather than what’s on the hospital menu!

Mobility after surgery

If you’re recovering from surgery, the chances are, you probably can’t move around quite as you normally do. You may find it more difficult to walk, stand unaided, or even just reach the top shelf of the fridge. You may also not be allowed to lift anything or drive for an extended time. You may need to take additional prescribed medication more often or use medical equipment you don’t normally require.

Again, this is where nursing care can really help. Our home nursing care provides exceptional one to one personal nursing care for the period of your recovery. Our registered nurses can devote their time to looking after you, ensuring that you are receiving the right nutrition and levels of hydration, take any gentle exercise that you may require, and help with any specialist equipment while you recover. In other words, our friendly nurses will be there looking out for your welfare with a professional eye, as well as a friendly smile!

Nursing when you need it most

Once you reach a certain stage in your recovery, you may not need full-time nursing. At this point you may prefer to have one of our home care team come and either live in for a few days or pop in with regular visits to help you. Once you are back to full strength, you may not need our home care help at all, which is great news for you and your family!

Home care for recovery and rehabilitation

There always seems a great deal to do when you are recovering from illness, surgery, or an accident. There are specific exercises to do, new treatments to take, special requirements around bathing and hygiene, and perhaps dressings to be changed.

Our home caregivers can work under the direction of our registered nurses to perform tasks like these in your own home. As a team, we can reduce the need to go into hospitals or clinics for changing of dressings and alleviate concerns over medication and care plans. This also of course, applies to any anyone loved ones in particular seniors who may be concerned.

Our transport team can also take you and your caregiver to medical appointments, ensuring you travel in comfort and safety and not have to call on family or neighbours to take you.

Senior parents and surgery

If your aging parents have had an extended hospital, you may concerned about their ability to cope once they return home. Our nursing care provides exactly the same level of nursing that you would experience in a private hospital, but in the comfort of your loved one’s own home. So you can relax, knowing they are in very good hands without you moving in to look after them yourself.

Bed-blocking in Canadian hospitals

Finally, you may know there is a problem in Canada with what’s known as bed blocking. This is where people are unable to be discharged from hospital and go back home due to the lack of social care available.

Our nursing care allows them to relax with the best possible care in their own home, speeding their recovery. Home nursing care also enables our busy health system to free up a hospital bed for someone else in need. By having home nursing care in place for you or a loved one, therefore, you are also helping your local community health service help more people more quickly.

Home nursing services from Higgs Home health

If you’d like to know more about our at home nursing care, including care for those with ongoing health conditions that requires nursing level care, please do get in contact with us. We’re always happy to discuss your situation and find solutions for you and your family.

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