In-home respite care from Higgs Home Health

Surprising benefit of short-term respite care

There’s another benefit to respite care if your loved one has never had home care before. Chances are, they’ll enjoy it! They will experience first-hand how professional home care can make their lives easier and more enjoyable. Regular home care frees up time and energy to spend with you as family to do the fun stuff, and enjoy each other’s company again.

Respite for other caregivers

Respite care gives your family or live-in caregiver a well-deserve break without worry. Our professional home care team can provide all the care you require, in your own home, just as your usual caregiver does. We’ll ensure a proper “hand-over” where we discuss all the details from you and your caregiver, so your routine is maintained throughout the respite period.

Respite for the cared for

Being cared for isn’t always as straightforward as your caregivers may think.

  • If you rely on a family caregiver, you’ll appreciate the time they give and how much of their daily lives it takes up. You’ll also know how your needs and the need of their family sometimes need to be rebalanced.
  • If you have your own live-in home caregiver, you know the amount of time, effort and attention they give to help you live your best life .

Respite care shows that you care about them too. With a professional caregiver taking on the responsibility for your care at home, you can say to your regular caregiver or family members, “Go, have a break, you deserve it. I’ll be absolutely fine with my Higgs Home Health caregiver here!”

There’s also a great benefit to you too: a new friendly caregiver with new stories to share and new experiences to enjoy with you. That’s refreshing for you too!

Respite for dementia carers

It may seem particularly hard to gain some respite if you are looking after someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Or, as someone living with dementia yourself, you realize that your family carers need a break too, but are worried about what will happen if they go away.

At Higgs Home Health we can help – see our dementia care page for details, or call us to discuss your requirements.

Respite care in Huron County

Contact us to discuss respite care, either short-term or long-term.