A helping hand: Home care for everyone

Home care isn’t just for the frail, the elderly or the disabled. It’s for anyone who is finding it harder to manage living at home, either on their own or as part of a couple.

As we get older, we find some of the jobs that we used to find easy are now much harder to do. So, for example, you may find it more difficult to lift a heavy laundry basket, clean the lounge, do the dusting or even prepare a meal. Home care can help with all of these and more.

Home care and personal care

Home care isn’t just about personal care, but for many of our customers It’s the core service they require). Personal care helps you do the things you need to do every morning, such as get up, toilet, bathe or wash, and get dressed. By having someone help you do these things you can always be fresh and ready for every day.

Personal care can also include grooming, so our caregivers can help with washing hair and shaving too. Many of our senior customers find it really helpful and look forward to that little bit of pampering in the morning!

More than just the necessaries

Our Huron County caregivers don’t just pop in and do the necessaries and disappear again! Our flexible time slots also ensure that they have time to be a companion, a friend, someone to read the news with, play a game of chess with, or even go out shopping with.

Our team can provide transport so you can go shopping or to a social event. Our caregivers can accompany you if you prefer. So if you have a hospital appointment and you’re not sure where you might park or how reliable public transport is, our team can make sure you get there (and back) in comfort and safety. It’s also reassuring that someone is with them to help you, especially if you don’t know the building, or may have difficulties with stairs or signage.

A friendly face you get to know

Higgs Home Health aim to provide you with a regular caregiver that comes into your home for every visit. There’s always a familiar face saying hello when they walk in the door.

This regular arrangement also means our caregivers know your requirements, your home, your routine and get to know you as a person too. They love sharing the stories of their families, as well as listening to stories about yours, too. Many of our clients count their caregivers as good family friends, and look forward to their homecare visits, especially if they live on their own.

Home care help for families

It’s not just you who may worry about living alone. Your family may be concerned about you too. Home care can provide them with a great sense of relief that when they can’t be there, someone will be coming in to help. And to check on you on a regular basis. It’s also a comfort to them to know that person your caregiver will help with household chores too

For families who live maybe miles if not provinces away from you, they enjoy coming to you for a visit knowing they don’t have a long list of chores and cleaning jobs to do when they arrive! Our caregivers are more than happy to take on the chores that you are finding more difficult to tidy up and help prepare your home for guests.

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